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Virus Removal

virus removal has become almost a part of our business. Most viruses today take the form of Malware, Ransomware, and rootkit viruses. Most antivirus products do not effectively provide the proper protection. Virus and rootkit need antivirus to protect you, while spyware, malware and Ransomware need anti spyware software for prevention. Even so, you are always behind the eight ball when we talk about protection.

Most viruses and spyware are constantly changing and to have the proper protection, then the infection has to first be detected and a solution must be found. Hence as new viruses come out, you are not protected until the virus definitions of your virus protection have been updated.

Good web surfing and email checking habits will be your best defense from getting viruses. If you do get a virus shut down the computer immediately and call us at 508-381-8307, we typically fix your pc within 24 hours.